I’ve beaten the bed bugs!!

I know, it’s been months! Actually, it didn’t take that long to be rid of the bed bugs. It took a while to be certain, and then there was an accident that killed a good friend and killed and injured a number of other people. But that’s for another post.

I never did build the bed bug trap. I managed to eliminate the remaining little blood-sucking intruders without it.

After the last post, I had moved furniture, shampooed the carpets, and steamed, bug sprayed and dusted with diatomaceous earth. A day or two later… another bite.

It occurred to me that all the treatment could be failing because the wee beasties were managing to tuck themselves far enough into the box springs or in the recliner (the two places most likely for them to hide) to avoid all my efforts. Since bed bugs like to feed from around 2:30 am until sunrise, I opted to try one more thing – I’d wait until that time of the morning and then treat the furniture.

So, after staying up watching the clock, I fired up my Bissell Hot Shot. This has got to be one of the coolest little pieces of cleaning equipment ever made!

Bissell Hot Shot

This small machine comes with quite a collection of attachments. Getting rid of bed bugs actually requires two, the long nozzle seen on the machine in this picture, and a flat one meant to steam upholstery.  It’s shown in the photograph with a terry cloth cover. The nozzle allows you to get into tight spaces, cracks and crevices, and deep inside folds on your furniture. The flat attachment is great for steaming furniture or the sides or top of your mattress or box springs.

At 3:00 am, I steamed the furniture and bed, without even taking the sheets or blankets off the bed. I simply steamed everything! I woke up in the morning with no bites. That weekend I washed the blankets and linens. Still no bites. Thankfully, I haven’t been bitten since. I’m almost afraid to say that out loud, for fear of jinxing things!

I guess the point is that bed bugs can be beaten. They’re tenacious and you have to be patient and determined, but it can be done. So, if you’re having problems with bed bugs, hang in there and keep after them!


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