America’s rape culture & Trump

Okay, here’s a minor rant. First off, for those of you, especially men, who don’t realize this, sexual assault and the “rape culture” in this country ARE issues for women every day and especially in an election year. They SHOULD be issues for any man – at least any man that isn’t a misogynistic pig – that has a mother, a wife, daughter and female friends. For the women in your life, sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual abuse are all things that women in this country are forced to deal with. We have to keep our safety in mind every time we leave the house. It is a huge issue when the man being accused is running for president.

I was once pinned against the wall of an elevator by a wealthy owner/pilot of an air race team. He obviously had a hard on, was trying to hump me, and forcibly kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I was only able to get away from him because the elevator doors opened, allowing me to get off that elevator. Did I report him? No. There was no one but the two of us on that elevator and I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to remember there was the possibility of cameras in the elevator. I believed it would be he said, she said, and I didn’t know that anyone would believe ME. So I said nothing and just did my damnedest to avoid being alone with him from then on.

So I’ve been there and I want these women to have their voices heard. This IS an issue and I DON’T want a serial sexual predator in the White House.


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