Voting for Hillary

hillaryYes, I’m going to vote for Hillary. No I don’t particularly like her or the DNC. I watched what they did during the 2008 election. So what the email said they did to Bernie Sanders was no surprise. I know what we’re getting. I know her flaws and her strengths. I’m voting for her because we can’t afford to have Trump win. He’s doing a good job of destroying the Republican Party. I won’t be part of letting him into the White House to do the same to our country.

Yes, I intended to vote 3rd party, but I can’t. If she was far enough ahead, I would vote 3rd party. She’s not. I don’t trust the polls. So I’m going to take a deep breath and vote for her.

This election has very much become about the rape culture in this country. It’s overshadowed ISIS, the economy, and Obamacare. It’s overshadowed racism, although white supremacist groups and hate crimes are on the rise because of his verbiage. He’s made those things acceptable through the things he’s said to his supporters.

But more than anything, it’s about a man that believes he can kiss and grope women without even asking for their consent. He thinks nothing of using language that demeans and belittles us. We’re no more human to him than mannequins.

I’m angry. I’m pissed off at the Republic Party for putting us in this position. I’m pissed off because they didn’t recognize that he wasn’t a joke, that there were enough people supporting him that he could become the nominee. I’m disgusted and angry with everyone that continues to support him in spite of his words and his actions. How Christians can support him is beyond me. How women can support him baffles me.

I’ve been pinned against the wall of an elevator. I’ve been in the position of being afraid to say ‘no.’ I’ve been groped by someone who didn’t listen when I said ‘no.’ And I’ve been raped. I have two women close to me who have also survived being assaulted. It’s more prevalent than you think.

I’m hoping that the discussion about the rape culture will continue after the election. It needs to stop. We women can’t stop it by ourselves. We need good, decent, honorable men to step up and help us. Read the article I posted by DeAndre Levy. He says it better than I can.

I guess that’s the end of this rant. I’ll be glad when this election is over.


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